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Common Misconceptions About Wallpaper Removal

removing old wallpaper from wall

Mention the word wallpaper removal to a Bismarck homeowner and the first thing they think of is DIY. While it is a great idea to try to save money and invest some elbow grease into your own home, not every project is an ideal fit for a task to take on yourself.

The equipment needed, skill level and time requirements for many tasks make it better suited for hiring a professional. Here is some of what you should know, about wallpaper removal, that will help you gauge why this is a job best left for trained, experienced and better-equipped industry experts.

Leaving it to the Experts

You want your wallpaper gone but are not sure if you need a pro to handle the job for you. Here are some things that you should keep in mind:

  • The age of the wallpaper will play a large role in the difficulty level of the removal process. On the one hand, sometimes that makes it easier if the glue has begun to deteriorate. However, what often happens is that the adhesive becomes almost like a cement that is affixed to your walls and not eager to let go.
  • Just because you can get the paper off on your own, doesn’t mean that you should. Without knowing the proper procedure to follow, you can easily end up damaging the walls. While drywall or plaster can be repaired, it only adds to the time and expense of getting the job completed.
  • The type of wallpaper is also another factor to consider. Standard wallpaper generally poses less of a challenge, when compared to decorative wallpaper, like textured or foils. For wallpaper with a top layer that is non-porous, it makes it more complicated for the solvent to penetrate and do its job.
  • People tend to vastly underestimate the clean up work involved with this project. It is messy and requires prepping the room, but the clean up can be extensive and tedious. Better to leave it for someone who has handled this type of work countless times before, and knows what it will take to complete the job.


Know the Name to Call On

With over two decades of professional experience with this type of work, you can trust in The Painters Inc. to get the job done for you, with skill and precision. We find the majority of homeowners who attempt to carry out wallpaper removal as a do-it-yourself task, end up calling us in not longer after they start.

Avoid the hassle and go ahead and call us, right from the beginning. This will be the best way to end up getting quality results.

If you are looking for a Wallpaper Removal Contractor in Bismarck for residential or commercial property in Bismarck or the Central North Dakota area the please contact The Painters Inc. at 701-663-1004 or complete our online request form.

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