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How to Choose a Wood Stain Color

Wood Stain Contractor

If you’re about to hire a painting contractor to stain either your siding, deck, or both, it means you have to make a choice about the stain. Homeowners tend to forget the wood they select is only part of the job; the stain is what really alters and enhances the look.

The stain doesn’t just magnify the beauty of your wood and wood grain, it helps protect the wood surfaces from the elements. That’s why it’s so important to do this every few years or so, depending on the amount of wear and tear that’s endured.

Best Stain for Your Home

Whether you’re reconditioning wood siding and decks or staining on brand new materials, there are decisions to be made. Wood is a beautiful material, but it needs to be preserved with a finish.

  • It all starts with opacity or transparency. This is from lightly pigmented to complete coverage. Lighter opacity enables the wood grain to still be visible while the darker it gets; wood grain visibility may disappear completely.
  • Stain colors let the natural color and grain show through, or enhance and complement them by adding more of a hue. The color you select can also help hide blemishes if that’s applicable.
  • There are pre-mixed colors or you can create your own, much like paint colors.
  • For better protection, you’ll want to consider the semi-solid or solid end of the transparency spectrum. This is especially true for wood that is older and more vulnerable.
  • Don’t worry, stain colors are not limited to variances in just the brown family. These days you have exciting choices ranging from traditional to trendy hues like Avocado; reds, blues, greens, nothing is off limits.

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