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Mandan Interior Painting

If you’ve ever entered a room and instantly felt a certain emotion, then you may wonder why that is. Good question. There are several things that can trigger your mood such as room décor, photos or painting on the wall, or even floor design. At the heart of it, however, is the tone and design of your walls. The connection between color and mood is well documented.

You’ve heard recognizable statements like, “I’m so blue”, “He was green with envy”, or “she was scared yellow”. Intuitive homeowners know this, which is why strategic planning is paramount prior to the first brush stroke of an interior painting project.

It is important to keep in mind tone alone does not create the entire platform for an environment.

For over 25 years our Mandan Interior Painting Professionals has been performing numerous residential and commercial painting projects for home and business owners in Mandan. We know that our clients choose colors depending on how they want to feel as soon they first step foot into the room. Since their home or office design is an extension of their unique personality, selecting a tone that reflects your individuality is of prime importance.

Tones, Colors, and Moods

  • Blue – Productivity, Business, Motivation. Often a good color for home or business office. Why do you think businessmen often wear blue ties, shirts or suits?
  • Green – Meditation, Tranquility, Sleep. Great for the Bedroom. Green is also associated with health and fitness.
  • Pink – Calming, Soothing, Peaceful. Often associated with young girls’ bedrooms.
  • Yellow – Liveliness, Energy, Brightness. The most common room? You guessed it, the kitchen. The room often associated with the ongoing activity.
  • Lilac – Other colors may include Lavender or mauve. These softer shades of purple often invoke a sense of calmness and a soothing feeling. It’s pink for adults!
  • Red – often linked to aggression, it’s provides the perfect palette for the palette as it encourages a healthy appetite. Try red in your dining room and watch everybody clean their plates!

Strategic Interior Painting

It is important to keep in mind tone alone does not create the entire platform for an environment. It only sets the backdrop. Other items to consider are lighting – artificial and natural, room location, furniture, wall décor, carpeting, and wall design.

Consider this: Next time you walk into a restaurant, a store, a salon, a coffee shop, computer store, florist shop, or any other business in Victoria, ask yourself ”What feeling overtook me the second I stepped into the environment?”. Notice how the store was strategically decorated to stimulate an emotion in order to stimulate you to action. More importantly, observe the colors on the wall.

Next time you are choosing color for your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, or office, it is important discuss with your The Painters Inc. Contractor how you want you or others to feel while they are in the room. Do you want to rest easy and be relaxed, or is this the room you do your daily workouts in. Is it an office or a personal getaway? Mood is color and color is mood.

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If you are looking for a Mandan Interior Painting expert for residential or commercial property in Bismarck or the Central North Dakota area the please contact The Painters Inc. at 701-663-1004 or complete our online request form.

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